The Best Memories are made unplanned

Via and her Chaperone

We celebrated my husbands birthday on Friday, for someone so down to earth, he deserved it. The past few weeks have been challenging and stressful for the both of us, but especially for him. Ive had to chuck out so many different alternatives and settle for a dinner for two (only haha) and thought wed resume our usual weekend doing laundry and making sure baby has our full attention.

But one thing….

Dinner for two: He expected Chinese take out and i told him at dinner to pretend that it is lol

Led to another….. of which came as a surprise and i have my sister to thank for coming through with her birthday gift for my husband (her brother), a weekend getaway, totally eliminating our laundry routine for more quality time as a family.

Having to stay here for the day and overnight marked a few “firsts” for our little darling. It was her first time in a hotel (shes such a cautious little girl so she was clinging to us the whole time because it was all too new to her, especially on the elevator, it gave her such a fright with its four cornered mirrors lol). It was her first time, to see the swimming pool upfront, she just kept repeating the word “ wow” over and over again at the sight of the pool. It was her first time in the shower without her tub! (Cries diminished when she realized it was the same consistency of warm water but out of a shower head) and It was her first time to sleep in a baby cot over night ( In Tonga, we don’t really normalise baby’s sleeping in a separate bed and since newborn days, we’ve been co-sleeping so it was a big thing for her).

From blowing out the candles on the cake (a day after my husbands birthday) to finding cake frosting prints from the cutest cake thief on the plate, a walk along the waterfront, with biscuits and cocomelon for backup ended the day perfectly, ready for another adventurous day!

Via the cutest cake thief

The familiar sound of church bells ringing mixed with the aroma of umu preparations everywhere was replaced by happy cheers from my husband for the All Blacks win against South Africa and my daughter being surprised and confused at the same time. I on the other hand, wanted breakfast immediately because it was the only thing i looked forward to the most. Ive struggled with my weightloss since giving birth so i decided to give it another go and lost 4 kilos in one week, so whether The All blacks won or my daughter was too surprised, breakfast was my priority.

We checked out at 10:00am to continue our road trip out to the the Eastern side of Tonga, one last gift for my husband to celebrate the All Blacks win (according to him) and to start off the week with a new mindset. We don’t normally do this as a family (as in spend the weekend in an expensive resort or have dinner outside) but once in awhile its good to reconnect our focus on what matters the most and that is family time.

Calm before the storm 😂

Two things i looked forward to the most out of this last gift, 1. To enjoy a nice full plate of warm food and 2. To enjoy this plate in peace without tears from a sleepy infant. We went from sitting inside to eating under the trees and escaping as soon as possible to put her to sleep (Im sure all parents can relate).

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend with my little family and we’ll definitely do it again, unplanned to create more memories!

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