Top 5 Benefits Associated Through “Mom Finance”-Tonga

Do you have any upcoming obligations which requires your immediate contributions? or whatever reason it may be, but you’re in need of quick $$$? “MoM Finance” is just a call, text through sms, Facebook messenger or email away and theres lots of ways that we can benefit through their great services! Keep reading if youre just as curious!

1. Using technology to meet our needs!

Did you know that MoM Finance utilises different forms of technology to meet our financial needs? Here are three ways you can contact them today:

1. Facebook: simply search for MoM Finance on facebook and send them a facebook message.

2. Give them a call or send them a text through: 7774600 or 8774600

3. Email them at:

And it only gets better from here, your negotiations will only be carried out via any of the above options! If you enquire with them through facebook or email, you will be notified instantly on what you are required to submit:

Gather the following documents and a copy of a valid ID and send it via email for checking. You will receive the following forms for you and your respective accounts officers to fill out:

Form 1: Employment form (To be filled out by your accounts officers) and form 2: To be filled out by the applicant

When you have completed the forms, simply scan a copy of the forms to Mom finance again through email! As convenient as it is, it minimises the need for you to drop of your forms directly to the business (other than your respective banks for your repayment plan) and you will be notified by Mom Finance either through facebook or email on the status of your loan and the arranged amount you wish to borrow.

An approval from MoM finance will require you to take the final form where it details your repayment plan to your respective bank to be stamped, where you will then request a copy of the form to be scanned back to Mom Finance)

The faster you can complete the above processes the faster you will receive your money. The business will always assure you on whether you agree with the repayment plan before depositing your loan directly to your account. Once again, the final transaction is being completed via technology and this benefits both the applicant and the business!

2. Business hours

Theres a time limit to catch when trying to obtain a loan via other institutions, not only that but the waiting game can go on for weeks! but with Mom Finance, wait no more! they operate on a 24/6 basis! Meaning as long as youve obtained the necessary documents (eg: bank statements), you can forward a copy of it to them at any time from Monday to Saturday (please be advised that transactions after sunset on Saturday will have to wait till Monday). You will receive your money between Monday to Saturday through a direct deposit to your account by the business.

3. Unsecured loans

In Tonga, majority of financing groups offer secured loans where you are required to provide Tongan mats, vehicles or assets to secure your loan in case of future uncertainty! but with Mom Finance, you can loan between 500 to 1000 if you are first time borrower, totally unsecured, as long as you have a permanent position for your repayment plans!

4. Flexible interest rates and repayment term!

Interest on loan ranges between 2.5% to 4.5% for all borrowers. Depending on how much you will loan, the owner actually gives you choice of voluntary deductions (how much you wish to deduct per fortnight) or normal deductions (the business evaluates your fortnight deductions for you). Details of your repayment plan will be outlined in your final form.

5. A licensed business!

Rest assured that where youre obtaining your unsecured loan from is a licensed business! Shows a high level of professionalism and in line with the Money Lenders Act 2018.

If youve read this till the end and youre convinced that you will contact them as soon as possible, i highly recommend that you will not be sorry. Special thanks to the owner of Mom finance for allowing me to feature her awesome business in my blog!

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