The only brownie recipe you will ever need!

Brownie Sunday! (I baked a tray of brownies a few minutes ago with the help of our family’s baking expert Mia 🥰)

Brownies have now become one of the “it” desserts in Tonga today and although it is one of the most easiest and quickest desserts to make, it can be tricky when trying to whip up the perfect brownie.

My little sister Mia, whom i envy for inheriting my grandmothers gifted hands in baking, taught me how to make the best brownies with her super awesome recipe and id like to share it with you today, step by step with the right methods and ingredients.

1. The ingredients!

Pictured above include the best brands for the perfect brownies!

When baking Mias brownies, these are the only ingredients that you will ever need (its that simple…periodt!). Heres a few things to consider when buying your ingredients:

1.1) Pams cocoa powder: Although it is a bit pricey here in Tonga (on average it will cost you 13 TOP to 14TOP for 1 tub) but if you want to bake fudgy brownies, Pams is the way to go! (This is a tip from the expert herself!)

1.2) chocolate chips: Just like cocoa powder there is a specific chocolate chip for this awesome recipe! I used to think that you could use any kind of chocolate chips and even baking chocolate for this recipe however, that is not the case folks and ive seen how it turned it so well with Pams chocolate drops!

1.3) Butter: For beginners like me, its best to buy butter in halves. When measuring out your ingredients it will be easier this way.

1.4) Icing sugar: Pictured are two types of white sugar and You can use either one of them for this recipe. Ive seen some recipes on youtube and pinterest where it includes icing sugar (please dont ever use icing sugar! Lol)

2. Mias Golden recipe!

When measuring out your ingredients it always best to use an electric scale!

2.1) 94 or 95 grams of flour

2.2) 30 grams of Cocoa

2.3) 250 grams of white sugar

2.4) 12 tbs of butter

2.5) 2 eggs

2.6) 1/2 cup of chocolate chips

3. Time to whip up some brownies (Method)

Step 1: Prepare your dry ingredients (set them aside)

Dry ingredients: flour, cocoa powder and white sugar

Step 2: Sift your flour and cocoa powder into one bowl! And set it aside with your sugar

Step 3: Prepare your wet ingredients!

3.1) Melt your butter using the steaming method until it is fully melted (and set it aside)

3.2) Using the steaming method again,melt your chocolate chips but in low heat (please note that you have to melt it in low hear so it doesnt harden and if it does, keep stirring until it has dissolved)

Step 4: In your mixing bowl with your beater, add your melted butter and sugar and whip it up for 1 minute

Step 5: Add your eggs into the mix and whip it up on high (if youre using the kenwood mixer, mix your melted ingredients at level 5 until you achieve this:

Step 6: Add in your remaining dry ingredients into the mix and mix it again with your mixer for about 2 minutes.

Step 7: Use a spatula to fold your ingredients altogether (this is an important step because your mixer can either under or over mix your mixture)

Step 8: Pour out your mixture into your baking tin and bake this for at least 30 to 40 minutes!

If after baking and youve achieved the cracks on top of your brownies, than you will know for sure you followed the recipe right! Its the only recipe you will ever need!

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